About Future Doctor

Build according to your Gifts and Talents. I’m here to Help.

Our Mission

Be a reliable source of Chiropractic history and philosophy for future Doctors of Chiropractic to develop realistic career objectives and build unique practices that reflect their gifts and talents.

Our History

Nine months and three days after September 11, 2001, I raised my right hand and swore to defend this national from all enemies foreign and domestic. That was the day that my medical career began, but it was also the day that I lost a great deal of control over my medical career. I joined the Army as a medic and hoped that I could transition into the physical therapy field. The transition never happened. Still, I enjoyed learning and leading in the field medical environment. I also learned a valuable lesson about myself. My patient care skills were excellent. However, they paled in comparison to my ability to lead in the health care industry.

Teaching and training field medic tasks and skills came like second nature. So, I sought more of those roles. I quickly found myself in leadership roles and was promoted to my first leadership position in 2005. Leadership and training were my fortes. With the added responsibility, I sought educational programs that would enhance my knowledge as a trainer. I found Naturopathy and stumbled upon Chiropractic.

I grew up minutes away from Life University. Yet, I had no real clue of what Chiropractic was or what Chiropractors did. Upon searching the internet for answers, I found more criticism of the profession than anything. That led to tons of frustration and apprehension about applying to school. Still, I followed my gut, applied to school, and began my journey of becoming a Chiropractor. I began to understand the profession after starting Chiropractic school, which is a terrible way to start a profess that carries a high educational price tag. I wish that I had the knowledge that I have now before starting school.

This site addresses the issues (Our Objectives) that I encountered during my research. I am a big picture thinker. Seeing the big picture improves my productivity and efficiency. Also, understanding the big picture helps me organize details systematically, which increases my ability to memory. That is helpful in school. I hope my approach to organizing information of the Chiropractic profession is beneficial for you as well.

Our Objectives

  • Form a reliable source of information for future Doctors of Chiropractic
    • Define the profession
    • Explain what we do
    • Highlight the profession’s philosophical leanings
    • Illustrate the profession’s history
  • Have a realistic discussion about career outlook
    • Describe work environments for Chiropractors
    • Explore emerging work opportunities
    • Present income potential in various environments and locations
  • Guide future doctors to become entrepreneurs
    • Incorporate unique gifts and talents into your branding process
    • Build a cohesive and productive practice
    • Maximize profitability while reducing financial risk

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