From Army Medic to Radiologist

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Initially, I set a fundraising goal for educational expenses. In lieu of fundraising for educational expenses, I am fundraising to start an online business that will support my family and I through the next 15 years of education. I hope to grow into a health resource that will create income and fund my educational expenses. I believe this is a better use of resources and your generosity, considering the cost of education.

Cost of EducationDissertationPer TermPer YearTotal Cost
Doctor of Chiropractic$9,875$29,625$135,090
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine$29,200$58,400$233,600
PhD in Health Care Human Resource Management$26,055$4,854$19,416$94,003
MS in Health Care Human Resource Management$2,920$11,680$17,520
BS in Health Care Leadership & HR Management$2,850$11,400$45,600
Cost of Education only includes tuition and fees. It does not include books, room & board, transportation, board exams, or residencies.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 was a day that changed a great deal for my family and I. It was the day that we had to close up shop on my job because of the COVID-19 outbreak. I was a little upset, but I wasn’t too worried, at first. I figured we would spend a few weeks at home, then things would get back to normal. How wrong was I!?! I was working as a Fitness Director for one of the smaller, but successful fitness companies in the US. I had taken over the position in September of 2019. We went through a few months of rebuilding. However, March was about to be our breakout month. I had a really good team of trainers that were highly motivated and good at what they did. And I was on track to make the most money that I have ever made in a single month. It felt really good, because this was the first good paying job that I had since leaving active duty. Our doors stayed closed for about two months.

1% to my fundraising goal

When we re-opened things were not the same. We fought to maintain memberships and personal training clients. Still, people were cancelling by the droves. Needless to say, our household income took a huge hit. The fitness industry would take some time to recover. So, my wife and I saw it as an opportunity for me to continue my education. The decision would not improve our financial situation, but it would increase my knowledge and skill as an exercise professional. We packed up and moved, so that I could get back into Chiropractic school.

I have been enrolled in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Life University since October of 2020. I plan to also complete a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program and PhD in Health Care Human Resource Management, en route to becoming a Musculoskeletal Radiologist, then Health Care CEO. I took this quarter off, so I could be available for our youngest son. He started Kindergarten this year! However, I am using this time to start an online business to help us financially and fund the next 15 years of education.

My wife has been supporting us for the most part. I was receiving a housing allowance from the Post 9/11 GI Bill, but I have used up all of those benefits. Now, it’s just financial aid, which is not enough to keep the household going.

I am seeking help to cover the cost of running the business for the next 12 months. The funds that I am asking for will help me to market my online business. I would do it the old-fashion way by pounding the pavement. I just don’t have a great deal of time with school. Below is an itemized list of the expenses that will be covered with your help.

Annual Expenses for eCommerceDailyMonthlyAnnual
Upgrade website from a Personal to an eCommerce site$1.48$45$540
Marketing (Facebook & Google – $3,650 each)$20$608.33$7,300
P.O. Box Rental$0.82$25$300
Sales & Email Marketing Software$1.64$50$600
Product Campaigns$3.45$105$1,260
Annual Expenses for Recruiting, Staffing, & TrainingDailyMonthlyAnnual
Marketing (YouTube)$10$304.17$3,650
CRM Software$11.51$350$4,200
Educational Platform$3.25$99$1,188

Every $1 counts & is much appreciated,

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