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Reading the Bible from cover to cover was one of the most rewarding experiences of my Christian life. If you are seeking a greater understanding of God’s word, I encourage you to commit to doing the same. Many people read the Bible regularly; however, they skip around. For me that caused a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding. I felt that I understood what I read. Still, that approach to reading did not allow me to link concept and stories together very well.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will reject you from serving as My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your sons.

Hosea 4:6

The Bible is a narrative of the world, from God’s creation of the world and man, to the fall of man, and God’s redemptive plan through Jesus. It is extremely difficult to see this Genesis to Revelation storyline unless you read the Bible from the beginning to the end. Trust me when I say this is a beautiful story of how much God loves us. You will wonder, you will cry, and you will be moved to action. You will also see the world in a brand new light…as God intended for it to be seen.

Jesus Christ is the central them of the Bible. The Bible is a collection of 66 books, written by 40 authors, and covers approximately 1600 years. Most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, but a few passages were in Aramaic. The New Testament was written in Greek. The Bible that we read today is translated from these languages. It is important to keep in mind that language is influenced by culture, time period, and social setting. The most accurate understanding of the Word is revealed through an understanding of these elements; therefore, literal translations are not always the most accurate. However, we do know that the word “Testament” means covenant or agreement.

The Bible has several covenants. It is important to understand the transitions from one agreement to the next. The Old Testament is the Covenant between God and man regarding our relationship before the coming of Christ. The New Testament is the Covenant between God and man regarding our relationship after the coming of Christ.

Jesus left us with the ministry of reconciliation. I seek to do my part in that ministry, through this blog. As you read each post, by inspiration and guidance from the Holy Spirit, I will help you learn the major themes of all the books, the key verses, the central messages, and what God is saying.

We will study the Bible from beginning to end. We will analyze each book, relating the Old Testament to the New, and each Book to another. We will learn the most significant chapters in each Book, where to find the central purpose, and which verses are the most important to know and remember.

After the first year of study, I hope that you find Christ in this presentation of the Scriptures. I hope that you will have a better understanding of God’s word and how you fit into God’s plan for the world. I hope that you have a greater understanding of your individual gifts and talents. I also hope that you join in the Great Commission and the Ministry of Reconciliation.

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