My Educational Journey

On April 15, 2018, my grandmother lost her fight to colon cancer. I was unable to see her before she passed, but I made her a promise. It is an Unspoken Promise, because I never got a chance to say it to her. I set the following goals in order to fulfill my promise.

This is my grandmother, Doris Lene Desmond.

She was the type of lady that would give her grandkids everything that she owned. She lived in the same house for my entire life. And despite never having much, she always promised to give us more once she got more.

My grandmother was hospitalized while I was doing job training for the Army. She had been sick and did not tell anyone in the family. Within a couple of weeks after being hospitalized, she died from colon cancer. I made it home from training a few days before she passed, but was not able to see her. However, I made her a promise. She never heard that promise. Unspoken Promise is my way of fulling that promise.

I was not able to care for my grandmother in her last days, but I promised her that I would care for others when they are injured and sick.

My grandmother’s hospitalization and passing precipitated my decision to return to health care and to undertake a huge educational journey. This journey is extremely important to me, because I feel like early detection and accurate diagnosis are essential to well-being. My grandmother knew that she was ill. Yet, she delayed seeking medical attention. I pray that my journey equips me with the skills to attract and serve those in need.

My goal is to become a Diagnostic Radiologist, with a specialties in Neuro-Musculoskeletal Radiology and Pain Medicine. Coming along side those afflicted with cardiovascular diseases, cancers, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and musculoskeletal illnesses and injuries to provide accurate and timely diagnoses is my number one health priority.

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