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Emphasis of Current Health Care System:  Hyper-focused on disease treatment. Heavily influenced by the insurance & pharmaceutical industries.
Surgery is often prescribed as the first option. Doctor-patient time is limited.

Completing the

Health Care Continuum

A continuum illustrates the continuous relationship between parts of a topic or idea from one of its extremes to the other. Health Care’s continuum illustrates the relationship between palliative care and health promotion. Even further, disease management and fitness optimization are the opposing interventions of this relationship. Our current health care system provides world-class treatments for pulling patients from the brink of death. However, non-communicable disease continues to raise and claim the lives of millions each and every year. We must address our health promotion and fitness optimization strategies to reverse this trend. Understanding the foundations of health is a great place to start this reversal.

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I fell in love with so many beautiful places and people that I have met while traveling around Europe and learning more about the culture that seemed to be so different.

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Molly Cooper


Being on the road has always been super exciting for me. Me and my friends have visited all the crazy places in Africa and India, and this is just the beginning!

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John Carter

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