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I’m returning to my musical roots to discover the best decade of R&B. Learn more

The Mission

Become the premier Sports Entrepreneur in America, by combining elements of life coaching, health care, and athletic performance into a long-term, athletic development program for basketball players.

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My Gameplan

Collecting music got me through my undergraduate years. I’m hoping a return to that passion can get me through graduate school and provide a means to expand my brand.

Goals as a Radio Broadcaster

Answer the question, what’s the best decade of R&B, while teaching, coaching, and living health care for the student-athlete. Via Beyond the Lights, we will explore topics related to life, sport, health, & more.

Goals as an Entrepreneur

Consciously use my strengths, knowledge, and experience to create a long-term athletic development program for the next generation of basketball talent in the state of Georgia and beyond, while also recruiting, onboarding, and developing coaches that share my vision for athletic development.

Goals as a Performance Analyst in training

Complete my studies as a graduate student: MS in Athletic Development Coaching, with a specialization in Life Coaching; Doctor of Chiropractic, with a specialization in Chiropractic Sports Science; and PhD in Motor Control & Learning, with a specialization in Sport Performance and Analytics. Open a Primary Health Care clinic that focuses on the Long-term Development of Basketball talent.

My Performance Philosophy

Performance is our ability to achieve a desired outcome given stimuli from all areas of our lives. It is the measured culmination of all factors that compose human existence.

I chose to specialize in the measurement and analysis of various components of human growth and development to improve functioning, development, and performance throughout the entire lifecycle of basketball players, from birth to retirement.

Anticipated Areas of Measurement

Character Development

This Includes:
Psychological, Social, & Spiritual factors that affect development from birth to retirement.

Health & Wellness

This Includes:
Components of general fitness that improve performance while preventing injury & disease.

Athletic Performance

This Includes:
Movements & skills essential for individual and team success in basketball.

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Doc Desmond, LLC

From Birth to Retirement and everything in between. I am dedicated to the long-term development of basketball talent.

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